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About the Founder:

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 Athaly Altay

Atty Altay set up the End Fake Claim Campaign in 2021. After becoming disabled at the age of 19, she experienced numerous acts of harrasment, including being told by Stansted Airport staff that she "wasn't really sick" and being asked by a stranger in a carpark "who's blue badge" had she "stolen" and being denied a wheelchair accessible exam room by her university because 'they had seen her walk' (Yes, some wheelchair users can walk!). After attending a retreat with other disabled people in 2018 she realised she was far from alone, everyone she spoke to had a Fake Claim story to tell, this inspired her to begin campaigning for the rights of people with invisible disabilities in the hope to end Fake Claiming and all types of Disability Harrasment for good.

With a special thank you to Hannah Hoskins @NotYourGrandmas and Dandy @DandyDoodles for your feedback and input on the content and artwork for the website.