How Can I Help?

Sign the petition

Head over to Fake Claim Campaign Petition and sign our petition to the UK Government.

Whilst Fake Claiming is already illegal in the UK as it is a type of disability harassment, most people are not aware of this. We are urging the government to help End Fake Claiming by doing three things:

  • Firstly, by making Fake Claiming a specific crime by updating the current law on hate crimes.
  • Secondly, conduct a parliamentary review of harrasment of people with invisible disabilities - to uncover how widespread this issue is and what  the government can do about it.
  • Thirdly, by changing the National Symbol of Disability from a stick figure in a wheelchair to a wheelchair alongside the letter A for Accessbility.


Write to your MP

Visit Write to your MP for a template to send to your local MP urging them to support the End Fake Claim Campaign.



Please purchase our awareness products, including stickers, lanyards and badges, to show your support for the campaign.

We have products for disabled people to help respond to Fake Claiming, as well as promotional materials and products for non-disabled allies to show support for the campaign.

If you are a disabled person who has experienced Fake Claiming, we offer 'Fake Claim Call Out Cards' which can be handed out whenever you experience Fake Claiming to make the harasser aware that what they are doing is illegal.

All the proceeds from these products go towards the campaign.

    Spread the word

    This is the most important thing you can do to help! Share our campaign on social media, the more people who know what Fake Claiming is and the harm it can do to disabled people, the sooner we can put an end to this type of harrasment. You can also follow our Founder on Instagram and TikTok @AthalyAltay for updates.

    Share your story

    Email to share you own experience of Fake Claiming with us and have it featured on our website. Please include your name and a photograph if you like. We hope to put together 10,000 stories to help raise awareness and End Fake Claiming for good. Visit the 'Our Stories' page for full information.


    Celebrate Our National Day

    We are claiming the 30th of July as the National Day Against Harrasment of Disabled People. Join us in celebrating this! We will post more information about how to get involved closer to the date.