Write to your MP

As part of our campign it is really important that politicians become aware of what Fake Claiming means and the harm it causes. The best way to do this is by writing to our local MP's. We have put together a template which you may use to write to your local MP. We ask that you print this off and send it in a letter or copy-and-paste it into an Email. Of course you can write your own letter too, we have prepared this as a template which you may chose to send.                                           
Write to your MP Template:
  • The parts in bold need editing to make the letter specific to you.
  • To find out the name and address of your local MP click here
  • Letters to MPs can be Emailed or Posted (we recommend doing both)
Dear [Insert your local MPs name],

As a member of your constituency I am writing regarding one of the most wide-spread social issues facing Disabled People in your constiuency and in the UK. [I feel strongly about this because...]

Fake Claiming is the act of harassing a Disabled person by claiming they are faking their disability. This abuse is commonly directed towards people with invisible disabilities when they access facilities such as accessible parking spaces, toilets or public transport seats.

A national survey by Fish Insurance found that  39% of people said someone who displayed a valid Blue Badge but did not appear to have difficulty walking should not be entitled to park in an accessible parking bay. 21% of the UK population are Disabled. Of these approximately 80% of disabled people have invisible disabilities (wearepurple.org.uk/not-all-disabilities-are-visible) This means over 10 million people in the UK have invisible disabilities.

The very real threat of abuse and harassment means that Disabled people are being prevented from being active members of the local community. I ask you to support the Fake Claim Campaign in any way you can. Campaigner Athaly Altay is petitioning the government to tackle Fake Claiming is three ways:
  1. Updating Hate Crime law to make Fake Claiming a specific Hate Crime – Disability Harassment is technically illegal under the 2010 Equality Act and the 2003 Criminal Justice Act however most people are not aware of this and it is almost never prosecuted
  2. Conduct a review of harassment faced by people with invisible disabilities
  3. Redesigning the National Symbol of Disability (used in accessible parking spaces, accessible toilets) to include the letter ‘A’ in a circle for ‘Accessibility’ alongside the wheelchair symbol – to make the public aware that not only wheelchair users need to use these facilities.
In Particular, I ask that you:
  • Ask a question, we would like to know: What are the government currently doing to prevent harassment of people with invisible disabilities?
  • Write to minister for disabled people Justin Tomlinson MP supporting this campaign on behalf your constituents
  • Table an Early Day Motion calling for the government to act on the petition detailed above.
  • Publically support the National Day Against Disability Harassment on 30th of July – this will foster a conversation around Disability harassment, a conversation which is not currently being had on a public scale.
I eagerly anticipate your helpful response.
Thank you,
[Your name]
[Your address]